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Assassin [Jul. 8th, 2004|10:25 am]


Title: "The Blind Assassin"
Author: Margaret Atwood
Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: Iris, in her early 80's, writes her memoirs as well as the Chase Family history, explaining just exactly how her sister died in the car accident so many years ago. Interweaved with this story is the daily life of Iris now, as well as the story of "The Blind Assassin" written by her sister before she died.

Review/my take: An interesting book. One of those "frame" stories, (story within a story) and if you're not used to them, this can be a very difficult book to read, however the story itself entangles you and I found it hard to put down. Towards the end it gets twisty ("But I thought--huh? No way!") but overall, enjoyable.