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A Very Important Book [Apr. 26th, 2004|10:00 am]
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Title: Kissers
Author: James Kochalka, 1999
Genre: Graphic Novel / Musical CD
Rating: 9 out of 10

At first glimpse, James Kochalka's work appears to be very simple: black and white line drawings framed haphazardly, with occasional bursts of dialogue. And yet, just below the surface lies some of the most intimate truths of life.

Kissers, Kochalka's first full-length semi-autobiographical graphic novel, is perhaps his most important work to date.

The storyline is, as per usual, very simple to follow: Spandy (Magic Boy's cat) falls in love with a small songbird. In the meantime, the elven "Magic Boy" James and Amy struggle through minor marital mishaps. And all the while, the reader is brought along on the whimsical-yet-heartbreaking tale of unrequited love, and misplaced attempts at romance.

Perhaps the strongest scene from the book occurs when the songbird, realizing for the first time what he has undertaken by falling for Spandy, cries out, "Why'd I have to fall in love with an indoor cat?"

A timely piece of work, Kissers deserves a place on every comic book lover's bookshelf.

(This book is quite difficult to find, and even more rare to be had with the enclosed musical compact disc, featuring twenty-seven minutes of music from the James Kochalka Superstar gang.)